CYG Athletes fall in love with The Bahamas

By: Jordan Clarke

On Thursday July 20, young athletes from all over the world competed in the sixth edition of the Commonwealth Youth Games being hosted here in The Bahamas. There are nine different sporting disciplines that these young athletes are participating in. On Thursday, they competed in Swimming, Boxing, Tennis and Athletics (Track & Field).

Over at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium boxing took place where the boys of the world (ages 14-18) competed. The first victor of the sport was  SAMUTUN MUDIYANSELA Kavinda Sanjaya of Sri Lanka in a 3-round match. After interviewing him, he said his favorite part of the Bahamas so far was the hotel he was staying at. While at the games I also interview Australian athletes – Benjamin Hussain, Mark Borg and Anthony Molinaro – who all were excited to be in The Bahamas for the very first time and who all agreed that the hotel and view at the Breezes was definitely their favorite part of being in The Bahamas.

After boxing, I went over to swimming to interview Luis and Rebecca who were both from Wales. It was also their first time in the Bahamas and a dream come true for 16-year-old Rebecca, as she competed in her favorite sport in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Both athletes are participating in a plethora of events including 50m butterfly and 200m backstroke. When asked what was their favorite part of being in the Bahamas it was like a duet when they said in sync, the food.

Later in the day, I visited the tennis court. Unfortunately, the games were postponed because of the rain, but I did get to speak to a group of athletes who were from different countries and were sharing their experiences in Tennis, when I asked the group to describe The Bahamas in one word, they uttered words like “breathtaking”, “beautiful”, “perfect” and “retirement”. It was everyone’s first time being here and they said they wished they shared the amazing moments with their families.


Jordan is an 18-year-old Economics and Community Development major at Acadia University. His passtimes include sleeping and Netflix and soccer.

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