Camaraderie leaps through the Commonwealth

By Lauren Seymour

The last day of the Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG), in Nassau, Bahamas was vibrant and lively. As cheers shouted through the air as the High Jump finals ended, earning four nations with medals respectively.

Taking home gold Sommer Lecky, of Northern Ireland; Emily Rose Whelan, of Australia a silver, and Imogen Olivia Skelton, of New Zealand and Sakari Amadeus Famous, of Bermuda, tying for bronze.

Sitting in the crowd, I noticed an outstanding support system from teammates, family, and friends, and more importantly from each other. While each country rallied behind their respective athlete, they also rallied behind their opponent, illustrating the meaning to the phrase, ’give credit where credit is due’.  The last day of the Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG) depicted the perfect example of friendly competition, being fierce and intense yet filled with laughter and cheers.

As the crowd cheered from the stands, the athletes gave it their all soaring through the air until a winner was established. As Northern Ireland’s national anthem played throughout the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium, contented with the results, the crowd stood attentively watching the athletes genuinely celebrating with one another.

Throughout the High Jump finals, one could not ignore the intense races on the track. Grabbing everybody’s attention was the winning performances from Alastair Chambers, of Guernsey in the Men’s 400m hurdles and The Bahamas’ Mixed 4×200 relay team.

Ending the Commonwealth Youth Games was the 4×400 mixed that was won by the dynamic Australian team that finished overall in the CYG in first place with 17 medals. This race was the preceded by the closing ceremony where all the teams paraded around their track in bold colors and the illuminating smiles.


I’m Lauren and I enjoying sleeping and learning about cultures.

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