Games Family members are entitled to the following privileges aligned with their Bahamas Commonwealth Youth Games 2017 accreditation:

It is important to note that Games Family Members are the Presidents, Secretary Generals, and Guests of each Commonwealth Games Association. Parents of athletes do not reap these benefits.

  • Airport shuttle service upon arrival and departure
  • Local ground transportation – T2 and bus service
  • Meals provided at the hotel
  • Complimentary competition venue access and Games Family seating for CGA delegates and athletes
  • Games Family lounge access at sporting venues
  • Tickets to both Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Please note Games Family members are responsible for costs associated with their own travel and accommodation.



Multiple hotels, varying in a range of rates and styles, have been designated as Games Family Accommodation; please contact Grafton IfIll to reserve your room:

Grafton Ifill Jr.


Air Travel

  • Arrivals and Departures: Entry visas are not required for most countries to travel to The Bahamas. Please refer to the Visa and Travel page for more information.

Each visitor must: 

  • have a return or onward ticket
  • possess a passport valid for a minimum of six months after the intended date of departure from The Bahamas
  • have a valid visa or permit for entry into the country to which they will travel from The Bahamas
  • have no record or deportation from other countries
  • have no health problems that would pose a risk to The Bahamas
  • have no history of criminal charges resulting in a minimum of one year of sentencing
  • not be on any alert or warning lists

While entry visas/permits are not required for The Bahamas some countries require travellers to hold a valid visa to transit onto another country even if they are just transferring between flights.

Different countries will have different requirements for travellers, please note, it is the traveller’s responsibility to check the different immigration requirements via official websites or by visiting the relevant consulate or embassy.  Also individual countries will have different lodgement requirements and fees.

If required, Letters of Invitation are available upon request.  To request a Letter of Invitation, please email and insert Letter of Invitation – Games Family in the subject line.



CGAs are responsible to register all CGA related Games Family members by the Entry by Name deadline (1 June 2017). For more information email