An ice cream lover’s recap of BAHCYG2017

By Farrah Johnson

Sunday July 23rd marked the final day of the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games.

Although the games were officially winding down, the optimism portrayed from the beginning was impossible to ignore.

Evidently, the sportmanship depicted by athletes from around the world throughout the course of the week contributed to the events’ overall success.

There was no difference with the High Jump field event. Athletes representing Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, and Northern Ireland leaped for the lives in their quests towards the coveted gold medal. Supporters enthusiastically cheered on their countries as the athletes  persistently ran, jumped, and hurled their body to new heights.

Admirably  although most of the atletes experienced a few blunders, all of the participants gave it their all.
In the end, Northern Ireland took home gold, followed by Australia with silver, and Bermuda and New Zealand who tied for bronze.


Farrah is a Media Journalism major who is abnormally obsessed with ice cream.

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